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Bishop's Certificate

in Theology & Ministry

Committed to a confident discipleship

delivering biblical & theological training

across our diocese

Stream 1

The Bishop's Certificate in Theology and Ministry

Alt Assessment Unit 7

Alt Assessment Units 1-6

Stream 2


Tasmanian Bible Forums

Tasmanian Bible Forums

Tasmanian Bible Forums are organised by Revd Simon Hattrell for the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania and held in each area of the state annually.

Dates and speakers for 2017 have now been confirmed. Please visit the TBF page for full details.

Recordings from previous TBFs are also available.


From Moore College’s PTC Certificate (PTC)

Bible & Theology

Six subjects: the Foundation & the Cornerstone

These subjects are a prerequisite to the remaining Diocesan subjects below

Ministry & Mission (Diocesan based)

One subject from a choice of four on offer

Intro to Christian Ethics (core subject)

Tasmanian Bible Forums

Annual participation in one regional forum

Enrolment Moore College

Enrolment Ridley College


Ministry Skills


Ministry Skills

In this very practical subject Tim Foster and  Rhys Bezzant develop a theological framework for Christian life and ministry teaching students fundamental skills for serving in a church

community including reading the Bible aloud, leading services and leading prayers in church, and leading small groups.

Christian Mission for Tasmanians


The Rev'd Andrew Lake has written this short book called Christian Mission for Tasmanians. This is a very personal approach from Andrew on this important topic of Mission written for the Missionary Diocese of Tasmania.

Andrew says of the book, "My hope and prayer is that this study will help put mission front and centre of the church’s agenda."

Christian Mission

Ridley College - other subjects available online

Bible Overview

Gospel and Life


1 Corinthians

Journey Through the Psalms

Knowing God

Mission Mindset

Revelation Unwrapped

Talking About Ethics

Understanding Your Bible

A word from the Bishop of Tasmania, the Right Reverend Dr Richard Condie

Here in the Diocese of Tasmania we are committed to growing our confidence in God who loves and sustains the world, and who sent His Son to redeem it. We want to be more and more confident in Him, in the Gospel he has entrusted to us to proclaim, in the Scriptures that reveal His Son to us, and in the Church that is His body. As we grow in our confidence, we expect that God will bless us, and be glorified through us.

This Certificate program is designed to equip Tasmanian Anglicans with the knowledge and skills that they need to confidently carry out the mission of Christ in their local contexts. Anyone who undertakes intentional study of God’s word, theology and the ministry skills, will reap a great harvest, not only in their own lives but in the lives of others.

It is my desire that we can train up as many people as possible to be faithful in their own discipleship and able to equip and teach others. This program is world class, and provides a great foundation for our confident ministry. I commend it to you.


From Ridley College’s Preliminary Ridley Certificate (PRC)

Bible & Theology

Four initial core subjects, which are a prerequisite for two more Bible subjects from a choice of four on offer

Ministry & Mission

One subject from a choice of two on offer

Talking about Ethics (core subject)

Tasmanian Bible Forums

Annual participation in one regional forum